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Creativity in the air<Thanks to Pinterest!!

on March 23, 2012

I cannot stand blank paper! Yes, be  it scribbling words or sketching some art…
i cannot keep creativity away from my thoughts..
Now as am at home to my severe ligament tear on my left ankle, there is no option but i have to take rest (in caps )REST!!!
As of now as every one knows that I have broken my leg and advised for bed-rest till it is cure. Yes, I have been resting since long, looks like ages.
It’s been more than three weeks but am still on bed-rest, it’s annoying, irritating, frustrating what not… But i had to channelize my unused energy in something meaningful, colorful and productive work.

While sitting at home, doing nothing creative, it’s not me… Though it was also difficult for me to sit but being on bed with severe ligament tear, all i can do is to browse, exchange views and ideas on my cellphone or laptop…
But i still use to feel incomplete as nothing was as productive. So i went back to my hobbies, creating something useful and attractive out of waste materials and other materials easily available at home or in your study.

Take quick glimpse of my creations during my bedrest of 25 days..

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1) Treasure Box DIY

A Treasure Box = Made out of old Newspaper

A Treasure Box = Made out of old Newspaper, glue, fevicol, acrylic paint and old open cardboard box


This treasure box is nothing but reformed and re-purposed charger box of my laptop. Yes! it is…

All you need it 20-25 old magazines/old newspaper rolls, a waste-box, acrylic colour to paint, paint brush, mod-podge, fevicol/adhesive glue…

PS: Step by step instructions and support images will be in my next post. 🙂

2) Attractive yet easy to make Notice Board

Colourful, attractive yet easy to make Notice Board

Colourful, attractive yet easy to make Notice Board


This notice board reminds me of my hostel days, as i use to create this quick, yes very quick to do notice board for my post-its and family snaps.

It’s quick, less messy, great utility,yet with minimal raw-material!  You can use this at your workspace (Size accordingly), kitchen counter (for groceries or shopping list), study, kids room… am sure it can fit anywhere and any place that keeps you occupied yet close to heart.

Ok, now what all you need??? A thermocol sheet, Paints/acrylic pain/ chalkboard paint, paper pins, double-sided tape and items like wools, lace, stickers are optional.

3) DIY: Bird-cage

DIY: Bird-cage mobile

DIY: Bird-cage mobile



This handmade bird-cage wall enhancement is inspired by Pinterest! Thanks to Paula for pinning it on Pinterest!!!

I found it so interesting and beautiful easy to do, DIY and very apt to my state of life as of now, so i decided to make it… It’s not that great but i like it..

This beautiful bird-cage is made from just card stock, glue, old/waste rid, bird sketch, acrylic paint and items like POP, flowers, crep, tissue, wooden stick is optional. For detail instruction and support step-by step images you visit Paula’s Pinterest page.

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2 responses to “Creativity in the air<Thanks to Pinterest!!

  1. Ria says:

    Pinterest is such an addictive site. I’ve found a ton of craft ideas that I want to try, thanks to just browsing around and seeing what other people have pinned.

    • Nidhi Pathak says:

      Hi Ria, I completely agree, pinterest is so damn addictive… Their colorful creative pins are so much inspiring… Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog…
      Keep crafting 🙂

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