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Hamid Ansari – Undeserving of a Second Term to the Vice Presidency

on July 18, 2012

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The Sonia Gandhi lead Congress has decided to propose Hamid Ansari’s candidacy for a second term to the Vice Presidency. It appears that the Hamid Ansari candidacy has a support of most UPA allies and the SP, BSP while Mamata Banerji’s Trinamul appears to be on the fence after floating some other names. Hamid Ansari is likely to earn the support of the Communist parties as well apart from drawing in some of the BJP’s so called “allies”.

It is a disgrace though that Hamid Ansari’s candidacy has such wide support after his sorry conduct during the Lokpal debate in the Rajya Sabha. The debate in the Rajya Sabha on the Lokpal bill hit the abyss for two main reasons:

#1 – The deliberate and scripted manner in which the UPA’s  floor managers engineered a disruption by a RJD MP to ensure the debate was delayed making a vote…

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