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Independence day thoughts on the Idea of India and Modi

on August 16, 2013

Reality Check India

I’ve been tweeting for a few months now about what I consider to be the true conflict line in India. It isn’t Left vs Right, Sen vs Bhagwathi, Hindutva vs Secularism, Muslim vs Hindu, Liberal vs Conservative. The line is this Idea of India vs Rule of Law.  Mr Narendra Modi’s letter stating his main concerns over the Food Security Ordinance is quite revealing and improperly analyzed in the media. Here is my take on his letter and how it fits with my overall hypothesis.

What is the “Idea of India”, what is the “Rule of Law”. Can they work together ?

The Idea of India is a book by Prof Sunil Khilnani where he gives a pretty good overview of what it is about. But the thought behind it go back to British Colonial times most notably by John Strachey. The basic observation of early colonial administrators…

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