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A new Mommy blogger on the block

on September 1, 2013

After a long hiatus , I am back to my personal writing space…  I have been attending marriages, functions and other festivals. I’ve recently created a mother blog, specially dedicated to my little princess, ‘Erishka’-Goddess of Rainbow. Many of you would be knowing about my prolonged bed rest during my pregnancy due to my broken leg. But now am hail and hearty, given birth to beautiful princess who is 15 months old now.

Please visit my mother blog: Smart Mom At Home


Through this blog i would share my experiences as ‘being a parent’ and keeping up with modern mommmy… it’s about my ups and down as ‘being mother’ yet gathering myself and putting my best foot front, reliving my childhood again… and making best of it for me and my ‘LO’

Please visit and let me your feedback… Please note the blog is freshly pressed and just 2 days old….

XOXO Nidhi


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