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I am foodie, I confess…

I love food, i know it will be very strange for people to believe. But trust me, people who knows me,they know that i’m a food hogger. In fact, generally people will eat food to live or survive, but i live to eat… Actually, when i’m not doing anything or when am stressed out i eat more food than required… hh heee .it gratifies me. Moreover i can’t be without food for more than 4 hrs. i’ll actually have 4 meals a day. My food choices are as varied as my moods… I eat as per my mood… i have different temptation on different mood, when i’m angry on myself i do not eat, but when imagine any lip-smacking food dish, i make sure tat i have tat particular cuisine or dish near to eat asap.

As am a big FOODIE, or say hogger, i also love cooking and i call myself as an amateur chef. Am a food connoisseur quite known for my quick innovative recipes. I enjoy all cuisine also love preparing it with lil bit of innovation.

Akshaye really enjoys my cooking, and he is really great critic and help to me while am cooking. In fact we both enjoy cooking together.. It’s only because of WC 2010 were in i prepare the meal alone…

For example: WORLD CUP menu: it goes something like tis
made baked beans with babycorn+beans rice
seasoned with ginger
and made popcorn
seasoned wit pepper
+butter and diced salad wit eggless mayonise
alongwith spl beverages.. 🙂
or mebbe baked beans and garlic taost cooked without microwave, yet tastes the same
Akshaye too loves to do some of cooking experimental cuisine wit me, if am honest, i was actually impressed by his interest in cooking when i met him first.
I make sure that menu for Football doesn’t repeat. it’s not time consuming… so tat even i can enjoy the match along with him…

Kitchen counter

Steamy delights: Healthy, yet tasty

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