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Focus on what you want …

Focus and follow your dreams

Will Smith says:
“People ask me about racism in Hollywood. Why would I acknowledge racism? When you acknowledge the obstacle you actually give it power. I want to walk through it. I want to walk over it. I want to walk around it. So my preoccupation is with the power that we all possess individually.”

There are few steps:

  1. Focus with clarity on the goal.
  2. Imagine your goal as if it were already happening.
  3. We commit ourselves to it. We know in our hearts that this will be. There is absolutely no doubt.

A quote from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness – “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something… not even me. You got a dream…you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period.”

The Key To Success The more you imagine your goal, the quicker you will accomplish it.

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Bags and Boxes

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In Left Liberal Desperation and Opportunism, no respect for the dead …..

Amazing write up Communal Riots 2002

Offstumped Archives - 2004 to 2016

It is now an established fact that the 2002 riots NGO cottage industry is on a daily mission to trash talk the Supreme Court appointed SIT to thus undermine its credibility.

Having run out of theories to float and arguments to make, in  what is clearly a last gasp of desperation the activists have recycled a Left-Lib report from 2002 as “new evidence”.

While it is regrettable that retired Judges are passing off hearsay as evidence, it smacks of cynical opportunism that they are doing so with no respect for the dead. Perhaps it is in order that we remind these present day activists that back in 2002 the very same Haren Pandya who they are touting today was accused by them of having fomented the riots:

 The carnage, the report said was planned with “military precision” at a meeting held in Lunawada, which was attended by two…

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Reliving my arty affairs in Ahmedabad!!

Nidzlive2010's Blog

Wanted to do something different yet spl for my dad .. So thought of channelising my arty talent to something which is productive to my dad…

A hand-painted Tea-Cup by me and Akshaye. We will gift him wen i meet him next.. Hope he likes it
Location: Ahmedabad

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My creative streak <3

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Valentines’ Day 2012


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Colourful, tinkling and glittering…

It was great begining to my weekend as i had spent almost 5-6 hours with my dearones.. Everything was perfectly drawn in a day’s time. Though i couldn’t go out for shopping with mom but spent good quality time with her  and again Daddy presence and Rishabh naughtiness was like a cherry topping to a cake .. . As always kruti made my day by sending amazing goodies for me… I must say i have the most loving, caring and thoughtful sister… I really miss the days spent wit her in bangalore.

My post lunch time was enitrely spent running around with Rishabh and playing with him, and stopping my mom to do work at my home. Oh God! She can’t stop working at all… Phew!

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Time just flew as they left my place when it strike 7 O’clock. Well, for dinner me and akshaye had Alu Palak and paratha and steam rice.  As we were done with the dinner and winding up the table, I somehow went to my stock room, where all my bags are kept.. I tried digging int he huge carton to find the charger akshaye asked for , yuppie i found the battery which was missing….

I did find few purse and hand bags…. Later after much for the charger , i found my first ever ‘Bangle Box’ which is of copper and gold colour. Ahh… What a collection! I mumbled… these bangles were personally handpicked by me and mummy with great help of Sheetal bhabhi… I must say she was real help for my wedding shopping…. And i really enjoy shopping with her, As always be it kruti’s wedding or mine… she has been a great help to me.

Very carefully i took that out and started taking out all the bangles set slowly… and to add on i also got 3 more bangle boxes so that i can arrange all in tact…. according to thier utility.

I arrange each colour, style and patterns accordingly…. From diamond studded tinkles to artistic bracelets… there was everything you could find under the sun with name of bangles…

I took nearly one hour to put everyhting at place, in a systematic manner but… this arrangement  made me think for long… It had all shades of colours, all kinds of glitter… Ah that wat a life is ? Eureka… this bridal bangle box does have a significance… no matter what the shade of life one had to face, but we should be always be positive and happy int he same way as the bangles never forgets to tinkle and glitter. Now i know why bridal bangle box has so much of significance in India weddings. It adds colour, glitter and tinkling sound to life of a newly wedded bride.

From then i decided to never ever be out of focus or low due to difficult phases of life… I so have support of family and my loved ones to keep me going with my tinkling and glittering just each bangles has support of each other… Single bangle fails to tinkle…


Social media – A new Alternative for Marketing strategies

Social networking sites are the right place to market your brand.
In this age of new media (like Facebook,Twitter,My space, blogs etc ) branding your product or company on a social netowrking platform is the latest mantra of marketing…. E-
brand is the  popular fever.. So let me put this way like ..go traditional for local and new media for global…

Here are few tips for get good traffic


  1. Valuable information: If you want to promote your product online you must provide sufficient information. This information must be short but detailed descriptions of the product.

  2. Networking: If you want to drive traffic to site use network marketing. Make 5-10 friends everyday in twitter facebook etc.Start voting the stories of our friends.Verify how many people added you as a friends. You may also have webpoll which will furhter enable the visitors to stay longer and interact with yu from which yu may get email add of them too…

  3. Images: Put simple but relevant and amazing picture of your product. Remember the golden rule… A good picture speaks more than thousand words….

  4. Trust From your customer: Get the trust from your potential customers feature inputs form present / strong customers.. But please donot fake… Remember to be honest all the time. this will also develope more credibilityin market..

  5. Feature your customer: have segment , widget or a section in your website/blog where in you feature an article or write up on customer feedback.. kind of conversational feature… like tongue in a cheek… =) you may call it Customer speaks!!!

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A Cupful of Memories for my life <3

While sipping a cup of hot tea, i went back to flashback mebbe 10 yrs back… Growing up as a kid, my favorite time of the year was always summertime. Holidaysss!! where i really use to enjoy every bit of fun and learning..

Good landscape image captured by myt dad!

It wasn’t just the fact that school was out, although I’m sure that had something to do with it. because we did have the holiday home work , but what excited me more was to able to spend more time with my DAD …

It has not many times but, quite rare, tat wen dad happen to be in house he used give me freshly brewed tea…. amazing taste… and use to wake me up in the morning during exams or some imp days… But this used to happen only wen he is in house or happen to be in time wen i have to get up early… other wise he has been my soul savour where he would allow me to take much a longer sleep than required on regular days…..

Competing with dad ... to match his hieght

All smiles during last holiday spent with dad in year 2009

By sharing the variety of his interests and hobbies, my dad opened me up to lots of creative new worlds and ideas. I’ve also been able to return the favor by preparing a wonderful tea for him, spl in evenig coz am not a early person… and shared nice bonding with my dad love and passion for tea.


Clicked by by my dad during last holiday ever

He has indeed expanded his palate by also introducing a beverage of coffee beans made in kashmir or in porbandar, called ‘KAWA’ … A must have have during those chilly winter… (i recently had the KAWA during Janmashtmi, @ Jamnager with Akshaye and is family) it was really gr8 experiance…. but surely, i have increased the appreciation level for tea and the Kawa both . Perhaps i simply enjoys the fact that sharing a cup of tea gives time to sit together and more bonded.

My dad knew how to listen and also taught me not to be afraid of being feminine. He is my buddy dad -daughter’s pal. We used to often do things that we enjoyed and he always encouraged meto try new things, even if it is predominantly a male activity.

He is the one who has taught me to stand up for my identity and strive for what i wanted from life. He may not have taken the time to talk about girl stuff, but he always supported my decisions and asked me to standby it.

Buddy Dad is a great storyteller, but often his stories are about things he is interested in.

Though is the authority figure @ home. He doesn’t spend as much time listening as he is always out station for office work.

He occasionally spend time talking to me about my goals in education and career and he often tells me what could be done or could have been possible  but never commands or orders.
In short it has been always simpler for mom to make me things understand through words from dad!

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Who is the best ‘Show Stopper’ at Oscars?

As 2011 begins, the season of awards also follows. And the most prestigious among them is the Oscars. Hollywood fans are not only eager to know the Oscar winners but also to know the latest trends in fashion.

The Oscars is not only the award ceremony but also a full-fledged fashion event where fashion police will soon declare the fashion trends and the rest of the world follows those style statements around the year. The year 2010 saw the light and skin toned sequined garments as all celebs were wearing pastels shades on a red carpet.

From perfectly stitched outfit to flawless make-up and apt accessories to compliment their personality, these celebrities are loved by the Oscars’ red-carpet. With their appearance at Oscars, these celebrities dictates the style statement for the coming year. Let us take a look at the best ‘Show Stoppers’ ever at the Oscars.

Top 10 star stunners at the Oscars’ red-carpet

Anne Hathaway

There are very few celebs who can never go wrong with their fashion on red-carpet and Anne Hathway is one of them. Last year she sparkled in a strapless champagne coloured Armani Prive gown with crystals bodice and circular palettes with a jeweled dragon brooch at the back. She wore silver bracelets and diamond studs to compliment her grace and sophistication to her Oscar looks.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz, known for elegant style on the red carpet. She wowed everyone with her 60-year-old sparkling vintage Balmain gown at the Oscars. In fact she was also given compliment by one the fahion joiurnalist that her outfit should be preserved in the Museume.

Nicole Kidman
One of the few women who always gets it right. Her usual ethereal style turned scorching hot when she wore this red Balenciaga dress.

Anglina Jolie
Angelina Jolie looked stunning in a figure hugging classic strapless black dress with front slit and a pair of drop shape green earring complimented her personality perfectly.

Halle Berry
She is always the sexiest actress at the Oscars. She wore maroon embroidery Elie Saab dress to look that extra bit special on her big night as she won the best actress award for the first time. Last year she wore black fishtail Marchesa with gold embroidery.

Amy Adams
Amy quite new to the red-carpet, but a definite style icon in making. Her green dress with golden bag reflected her style sense along-with a her red hair..

Audrey Hepburn
She is the claimed style icon in her own right. Her dress highlights her best assets, her toned arms and tiny waist along with her unique haircut made her the unusual yet stylish red carpet actress at Oscars..

Julia Roberts
America’s sweetheart, Julia Robert wowed her fans with Valentino black gown when won the best actress award for Erin Brokovich in the 2001 Oscars.

Jennifer Lopez
She is not an unknown to the glam world of hollywood and she very well knows how to make a style statement effortlessly. Her stone studded neckline silver Marishea dress with short hairdo reflects her perfect fashion status.

Hillary Swank
Hilary Swank comes out to be a clear winner with her daring style statements at Oscars. How can one forget one of her daring navy blue dress .

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