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Pages from my diary

Here are few pages from personal life where i’ll express my views, opinion and feelings about people who are near and dear to me… and whom i love a lot.

Will Miss them all!!

People do say that a wedding is a day, but a marriage is a life time.

Well, that is definitely true, but for a bride-to-be, a wedding day holds extra significance as one of the most important days in a gal’s life!

Trust me it’s not a cakewalk…
it takes lots of efforts to make this dday perfect as well as speacial….

Must say the way my family members are helping, without any qualms… i simply love my dad’s sincerity and dedication…

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i enjoy mom’s nagging and her concerned nature… i’m being pampered like never before…
Trust me … i feel like Princess… In fact marriage give a liable opportunity to any girl to have right to get spoiled and pampered…

I’m so glad that RISHABH is here now… i’m feeling more happier…
i simply love my brother-in-law’s cooperation and my sis’s support…

will really miss them all…

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An arty Father’s Day!!!

It’s about how me and Akshaye celebrated ‘Father’s day post marriage, he did sacrifice his most loved sport ‘Football’

Had a amazing weekend

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