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Who is Nidhi Pathak?

    I firmly believe that we are solely responsible for our choices & we have and accept the consequences of every deed, word & thought. Am a wise & free spirited city chick and opinionated as am a media enthusiast too:-)I luv anything which is creative… like painting, dancing, writing….. Off lately i have started learning Yoga and Guitar…And what else i can add to my holistic living and creative streak!!!

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My likes…
I love home-made Gulab-Jamun & Gajjar Halwa with moderate sugar!
I can’t swim!
I love long drive!
I can’t remember routes well ;-(
I love to dance
I love food, in fact in live to eat 🙂
I completely vegetarian..
I can’t bear sweet Gujju food.. it’s really too sweet for me to eat
I love Mediterranean cuisine, Rajasthani, Punjabi and Italian cuisine
I love olives and spinach
I love cheeze and Ghee
I love to laugh of PJ’s!
I am a good cook, and love experimenting with different cuisine!
I love ❤ India!
I believe in all Gods!
I love Parallel Cinema and realistic, off beat movies and also love watching animated movies!
I am very sensitive
I love to watch ‘Fabulous Cakes’ @TLC, ‘Heroes’ & Dexter @StarWorld,
I am addicted to tea!

Nidhi Pathak
Nidhi Pathak

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